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 reverse unreverse sign up

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are u participating in the reverse event
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PostSubject: reverse unreverse sign up   Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:08 pm

hi peoples
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PostSubject: Re: reverse unreverse sign up   Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:15 pm

Rules for the event

1. Victory will go to the side that has more fighters and the end of the event.
2. (A) Invaders must declare the are reversed when riding to g3, the only exception to this rule is if your are using a reverse unit, then you may claim when riding you reverse unit.
(B) Reverse is voided declare you are reverse at the end of the fight
3. A defeated Invader must not reveal the identity of any known invaders if you are defeated by a defender.
4. (A) A second win will be awarded to those exceptional fighters displaying superior strength on the battle. A second win will give you a retry, without losing your status as a defender or invader
(B) A fighter may only have only one second win
(C) Activating a second win will turn the fight into a match, losing the fight after activating a second win means you will remain in that status. Wining after activating a second win will move you to a 3rd fight which will be a tie breaker.
5. (A) You must be a confirmed defender to un-reverse somone.
(B) Anyone can be reversed.
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reverse unreverse sign up
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