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 this is not a quote i just want peoples opinion

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which one is better regular and reverse luquier or cracking beast tamer
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cracking beast tamer
 100% [ 2 ]
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PostSubject: this is not a quote i just want peoples opinion   Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:57 pm

ok everyone here which unit do u think is better cracking beast tamer or the luquier versions
because how I'm seeing it right now luquier does the same thing as cracking beast tamer but with higher cost and more restrictions on what you call out I'm curious what the difference is between them honestly i can see the point in venus luquier because u can use it to get rid of unwanted trigger in ur soul by calling them out with no cost to ur 6 grade points and replace them with stronger units but still cracking beast can call out any number of grades if u have a lot of brassie bunny and miss direction please somebody help me figure this out I'm losing my mind here plus I'm curious why people think luquier is better for the reasons listed its basically just the same exact thing but with higher cost and more restriction and its more expensive lol i need to put it to a vote so ill put a poll on here
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this is not a quote i just want peoples opinion
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